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Powder Brows

Initial · $425        Touchup · $100

Best for: All skin types 

Powder brows are a cosmetic semi-permanent technique designed to create and define eyebrows with soft powder effect, very similar to powder makeup.

Most preferred and most versatile method as this allows the artist to customize and detail a natural or dramatic brow.

Hybrid Brows

Initial · $400        Touchup · $100

Best for: Dry-normal skin types 

Hybrid brows uses the technique of both microblading and powder brows. Microbladed hair-like strokes will be added at the front of the brows, and the powder brow technique for the body and tail giving a natural yet filled in brow.

Due to the nature of microblading, it is less favorable for mature, oily, and combination skin types. 

*Plan for a 2-week healing period after each session.


*Touch ups are required and are performed 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment.


•History of Keloids
•Viral infection or disease
•Sunburned, sores, cuts, psoriasis, eczema or other skin irritations in the brow area
•At least 2 weeks post Botox
•Accutane in the past year
•Blood thinning medications
•No skin treatments or facial treatments 2 weeks prior.
•Allergies: known but not limited to lidocaine, nickel, epinephrine, dyes

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