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Master Esthetician

My studio is a safe space for anyone who comes in to feel comfortable. No matter what kind of day you're having we can talk, laugh, or have a little lash therapy together. If you need a mid day nap or just want to be free of socializing, that's okay too!


My passion is focusing on the art and growing my skills in the beauty industry, but building relationships with my clients while making you all look and feeling your best have been the most rewarding.

Grateful for everyone who walks in my door 


Born and raised in the Seattle area, I went to school at Bellevue College where I've always had a love for science, and thought I would inevitably end up in the medical field, but couldn't deny my passion for beauty. It all began with my interest in buying and playing with makeup and skincare products, to then getting my first ever set of eyelash extensions in 2011. Throughout the years, I was working as a bartender & server and filled my free time with traveling and making memories with friends. After years of being a social butterfly, I decided to pursue the career and combine the best of both worlds. In 2016, I attended Evergreen Beauty College where I received my license in Master Esthetics. After I graduated, I worked at a lash boutique where I got trained and certified as a master lash artist through The Lash Professional. In 2018, I decided to continue my education, explore the field of esthetics, and opened up my very own studio. It amazes me to this day how much this industry continues to grow, and love that it has so much to offer. I've never hesitated to believe that I'm truly doing what I love to do.

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