$150       2 hours

Classic Full Set

This set is for clients looking for a more natural, mascara look. A single extension is placed on each individual lash. Fullness will strictly depend on the amount of natural lashes the client has.

Volume Full Set

$225     3 hours

This set is for clients looking for a more full,  potentially dramatic look, or great for those that have a more sparse lash line, as the artist is customizing multiple light weight extensions into fans applied to each individual lash.

Hybrid Full Set

$175    2.5 hours

Using a mix of both classic and volume extensions, this set is for clients who want to add texture and depth to their lashes.


Book desired time. Fill times are based on an average shedding cycle.


35 Minute


A mini fill, for clients looking for a touch-up.

About 1 week or less since the last fill.

60 Minute


A standard fill, for clients who have had less than an average shedding cycle

About 2 weeks or less since the last fill. 

75 Minute


Recommended fill, for clients who have had  a normal or more than an average shedding cycle.

About 3 weeks or less since the last fill.

New Client Fill

       $80  75 min  

All new clients who are coming from another artist will be required to book for a Recommended fill.

*See Studio policies for new clients I will accept.

90 Minute


Extended fill, for clients who want to maintain a full set of lashes, or those who have had a more than average shedding cycle.
40% of lashes still need to be applied. Lesser amount will be considered a full set

Lash Wash

       $7  10min    

For the importance of the health of your natural lashes, lashes that are free of make-up, build-up, or debris will ensure for proper application and maximum lash retention. If you are unable to come in without a proper cleanse, this may be required. Please book together with fill.


$25    20 min

Safe for the delicate eye area, with use of a solution specifically made for complete lash extension removal.

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